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RF EME Services 

Emissions Compliance

Fox Hill Telecom’s RF EME team’s experience includes RF emissions compliance (EME) services for over 10,000 sites nationwide. Our EME professionals are trained in emissions calculations modeling and on-site power density measurements to ensure that every site is compliant with federal standards and guidelines for both the general public and occupational personnel.  


RF EME Services


•Theoretical Emissions Modeling

•On-site power density measurements

•Mitigation solutions for areas exceeding federal limits

•Signage installation

•Physical barrier installations

•Painting and striping

•RF Design recommendations

All RF Emissions Solutions fully comply with FCC mandated rules and regulations.

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RF Interference Analysis

& Compliance

RF Interference is an important concern for every site owner. Whether a commercial service provider, public safety operator or a private network owner, it is crucial to identify and mitigate any potential performance limiting interference issues to ensure that all radio systems can operate properly in the same geographic area.


Fox Hill Telecom’s RF Engineers have decades of experience in performing interference analysis services. Our approach is to look at the many types of interference that are the common problem areas for communications systems including:


•Intermodulation interference (intermod)

•Transmitter noise

•Receiver Desensing

•Spurious emissions

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RF Network Design Services

Fox Hill Telecom’s RF Design team has designed hundreds of network solutions to provide the perfect coverage based upon our clients needs.

Design solutions include:

  • Macro Sites

  • Small Cells

  • In Building (iDAS / PLTE)

  • Outdoor DAS (O-DAS)

  • Outdoor PLTE

  • WiFi

  • Fixed Wireless

All Designers are iBwave certified and have extensive experience with industry standard propagation tools such as ATOLL, ASSET, EDX Signal PRO and Planet EV

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Permitting Application

Wireless Permitting Application Preparation and Review

Fox Hill Telecom’s Project Management team can take the effort of assembling your wireless permitting application off your plate. By having an overall understanding of the need and scope of your project, we can match this up with local bylaw and use requirements to ensure that your project application is presented in a complete and concise manner.

Expert Testimony & Hearing Support

Fox Hill Telecom’s design and management teams are experts in their respective fields and are routinely called upon to provide expert testimony support for local and state permitting hearings as well as telecom appeal cases. We have provided expert testimony and hearing support for clients nationwide.

Expert Testimony
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